A List of 27 Easy and Creative Ideas June 27, by Debbie Chapman 16 Comments The greatest thing about mason jar crafts is that by nature, they are really easy to put together. And there are so many things you can do with them! Mason Jar Crafts Cupcakes in a mason jar. How cute would this be for a party!? Check out Just Easy Recipes for the tutorial. What an amazing way to grow your herbs indoors! You can pretty much paint mason jars any colour, but check our these awesome DIY mercury glass mason jars. You can see the tutorial at Landee See Landee Do.

Ball Perfect Mason antique fruit Jars

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Sep 16,  · Thank you glasshopper, i found that website, the jar in the picture i got for i got another jar a lilttle smaller then that one for and a ball jar with the extra L if you know what im talking about, that one was , i will try and get pics up of the other 2.

Here we get a peek at some of the collections and crafts you have collected. Napoleon is often credited with the invention of modern canning: Someone suggested canning and the process was first begun in The wax seals were messy. Later in , an inventor and tinsmith from New York, John L. Mason, invented the Mason jar. He invented a machine that could cut threads into lids, which made it practical to manufacture a jar with a reusable, screw-on, lid.

History of the Home Canning Jar and Collecting Antique Mason, Ball and Kerr Jars

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Looking for replacement parts, rubber rings, lids, etc for old canning jars made by Ball, Atlas, Kerr or Mason? Find the parts here and find out and more with their fully illustrated SO-EASY canning recipes and directions and Links to the Best Home-Canning Resources on the Internet.

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How to Date Old Ball Mason Jars (with Pictures)

Not that kind of date. Instead, I mean how do you tell how old your Ball jar is? One of the most common emails I receive comes with a description of a jar—e. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks you can use to determine an approximate age for your jar. First check the logo, which changed fairly frequently until about

Mason jars are great for more than just canning. Get inspired with our recipes, crafts, decor, and more!

In , after fire destroyed their plant in Buffalo, they moved their business to Muncie, Indiana, to take advantage of a natural gas boom in the Midwest as natural gas is a critical component in the making of glass jars. The city offered free gas and a generous amount of land to rebuild the company, which stayed in Muncie until The Ball brothers seemed to possess all of the talents we associate with successful business people today.

In , the first Ball Blue Book was printed featuring home canning recipes and techniques. The Ball brothers built a fruit-jar empire by mass producing and distributing trainloads of jars across the country and they aggressively took over several other smaller companies in order to maximize their hold on the industry.

They had produced and controlled this color since the late ‘s. It was caused by the minerals in the sand they used in their glass batch which came from the shores of Lake Michigan and also the amount of oxygen used in the furnaces to melt the glass. The war board required all glass manufacturers to adopt this shape because they determined that it was the most efficient shape to contain a volume. English measurements ounces and cups on the side started about , and Ball was the first fruit jar manufacturer to do this.

Metric measurements on the side started about After 92 years as a family-owned business, Ball went public on July 13, , and its stock was traded over the counter. In the company moved its headquarters to Broomfield, CO, expanding into avionics, space systems, metal beverage and food containers, aerosol containers and plastic containers Some of the more commonly known Ball jars include the Ball Perfect Mason, the Ball Ideal, and the more modern Ball Mason.

Because of a wide variety of variations, collecting Ball jars has become a major collecting specialty. One way to date Ball jars is by their logo, which changed over the years.

How to Date a Ball Jar

Divide them between six mason jars and add a handful of spinach to each jar. Chop up two quarters and save two quarters for something else eating. Add sliced bananas, blueberries, and chopped pineapple to mason jars in an even distribution. Seal the mason jars and freeze.

Jul 06,  · Canning Jar Jubilation!!! You can date your Ball jars by the writing style on them. Here is a great website if you’re interested at all about figuring out the date of your jars: here! It’s a great site to give you info on your jars. This is a square Atlas mason jar. It was made in Square jars are also worth more!

Anyone have information on this? Thanks, Kym Pete Hensel Jr. What you are looking for in a Crown jar if you want some value, are unique colours, such as olive green, amber, or amethyst. Crown jars in colours like this tend to fetch a nice amount of money. Another thing to look for is the lip of the jar. A ground lip indicates quite an old jar, as they were hand blown and then had the tops broken off and ground smooth. A ground lip is perfectly flat with a roughness to the touch.

The design of the Crown is something to look at as well. Sometimes these designs will affect the value. I have many of these myself, they were part of my learning curve.

How to Date Old Ball Mason Jars (with Pictures)

These jars sell between and dollars! This one pictured to the right is the one we sole. The next photo down is another RARE sealer jar we just got in. Most beaver jars range in price between Ontario is FULL of bottle collectors and groups who go dig up old farmland looking for bottles. We will buy them from you or sell them for you!!

Apr 03,  · Ball mason jars are attractive and useful, but they can also be valuable. In this article we tell you how to date Ball mason jars to find out how valuable. Ball mason jars are attractive and useful, but they can also be valuable. Dating a Ball Mason Jar. Ball mason jars are still being produced up to this day and there are no.

Type keyword s to search The Collector’s Ultimate Guide to Canning Jars These vintage canning jars from the s to the s are the staple of retro country charm. Aug 25, Jean Allsopp These humble glass pieces were designed for putting up fruits and vegetables in the days before refrigeration. Here are some of the most valuable finds from the s to the s, when hundreds of companies were vying for a spot on America’s shelves: The unique topper makes it of note today.

The short production window gives it considerable cache. When it was produced in , there was a misconception that the dark shade prevented spoilage. Prior to this detail, Hero users often com- plained about food going bad. When heated, it would melt to create a seal. Missing the topper cuts the price in half. The color was initially an error, but manufacturers began selling the popular shade in

Blue Anniversary Ball Mason Jars!